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Never before has sharing anything on Instagram been so rewarding. Two On An Island acknowledge the most compassionate Couples around us. We’ve created three (3) ways you can play along at home.
— Marcus & Aldania / Dated for only 5 Mths!

1- challenge 

 Photo Courtesy of: Gustavo&Mariani 

Photo Courtesy of: Gustavo&Mariani 

Falling in Love is like living on an island. To stay, you must seduce your mate. Do you have what it takes to master the fine art of romance? Become Islanders.


 Photo Courtesy of: Jose&Ashlea

Photo Courtesy of: Jose&Ashlea

We interview one expert we're following on Instagram. To qualify, this expert needs to be steeped in the art of seduction through the power and energy in Romance! 


 Photo Courtesy of: Alex&Stefanie

Photo Courtesy of: Alex&Stefanie

 To inspire and encourage you and your partner through Dating, Wedding, Kids and Retirement, you now have a blog - filled with stunning images of real love stories.



Love is a continuous series of stories, the idea is to have good ones vastly outnumbering the bad ones. Hi, please sign up for our T.O.A.I. Monthly Magazine. We curate the stories behind the Romance, which leads to the Life, which results in Success. Along the way I'm sure you'll pick up a few tips...we are!

 We were there in Savannah GA. to bare witness...

We were there in Savannah GA. to bare witness...



You're invited to join the Two On An Island community free expert webinars. You'll hear from experts on the topics such as: Home Interior Design, Aphrodisiacs, Meditation and Travel. We hope that you chime in to ask questions specific to your needs. Use this section to get the most relevant expert opinions to complete your next Two On An Island Romance Challenge. 


Meet our next guest expert!


 Chef Digby Stridiron portrait by Keely Laughlin Photo

Chef Digby Stridiron portrait by Keely Laughlin Photo




for the everyday Romantic!

Two On An Island was born out of Romance, we were inspired by watching successful couples purposely carve out quality bonding time, and it's working! In this game your Love ❤ is your Island 🏝. Time to care for your island mon!


“I seduce her with skill, constantly fascinate her, I make her love me, for my Love Aldania is my Ultimate Addiction.”
— Romance Planner MARCUS / loves Aldania's soup & sandwiches.



Play this season on your Time & Leisure

You're assigned a Romance Planner to REVERSE FOLLOW you. We capture the romantic stories you wish to share on Instagram. Like tour guides, it is our responsibility to lead you safely through the game. 




Romance is a Quest to finding true Love. On April 15th, 2017 Two On An Island celebrated the achievements of six highly romantic couples. These were the first Island Warriors, an honor earned by completing seven romantics seduction challenges. Catch the next Instagram Romance Challenge on the last full week of the month.


“SPECIAL THANKS to the FIRST BATCH: Gustavo & Mariani, Howard & Tish, Mark & Carolyn, Alex & Stefanie, Jack & Mary, Norman & Ana for having faith in us from the start.”
— Aldania / Dreams of one day owning a piece of paradise in Port Antonio, Jamaica.