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two on an island

The first digital-only editorial dedicated to relationships.

I seduce her with skill, constantly fascinate her because I’m deeply in love. My Love Aldania is my one Addiction.
— Romance Planner Marcus

Improve your romance agility.


I introduce Marcus to new experiences, expanding his horizons because his dreams are our dreams.
— Romance Planner Aldania



Two On An Island focuses entirely on getting couples to a constant state of happiness.

Josh & Ashlea

Josh & Ashlea


Arrange little romantic experiences around: Home, Food, Style, Wellness, Giving, Passion & Explore.

Brandon & Marika

Brandon & Marika


Fascinate your mate, record your romantic gestures. Sync the season with your reason for romance!

Stewart & Corrine

Stewart & Corrine


Two On An Island stories are published on MEDIUM and broadcasted weekly on our PODCAST.

This path leads to love


At TOAI, we inspire Love. We do this by collecting your short + sweet love stories. Like little droplets of nectar from exotic flowers, we'll turn these stories into life-long memories.😍