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two on an island

Presents the sexy side of women.

I seduce him with skill, constantly fascinate him because I’m deeply in love. My Mark is my one Addiction.
— Carolyn: Co-Founder Polyblox Totems

A romance guide for times you need one.


I introduce my Mark to new experiences, expanding his horizons because his dreams are our dreams.
— Aldania : Founder TOAI



On Two On An Island women seduce men, the island represents Love, our girls want to be warriors!

Ashlea & Josh

Ashlea & Josh


Seduce your partner by any means necessary. Hire Romance Planners: Home, Food, Style, Wellness, Giving, Passion & Explore.

Marika & Brandon

Marika & Brandon


Capture your memories one Seduction at a time. Sync the season with your reason for romance!

Corrine & Stewart

Corrine & Stewart


Women everywhere are seducing their mates! You should too. Share your exploits on Instagram. #SpringLOVE19.

This path leads to love


At TOAI, we inspire Love. We do this by collecting your short + sweet love stories. Like little droplets of nectar from exotic flowers, we'll turn these stories into life-long memories.