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two on an island

The most delightful way to keep your Love humming along.

I seduce him with skill, constantly fascinate him because I’m deeply in love. My Mark is my one Addiction.
— Carolyn

We’re starting a Tribe.


I introduce my Mark to new experiences, expanding his horizons because his dreams are our dreams.
— Aldania : Founder TOAI



On TOAI women do the seducing, the island represents Love, and you can call our girls Warriors!

Ashlea & Josh

Ashlea & Josh


Select from a choice of 7 romantic skills: Home, Food, Spontaneity, Wellness, Giving, Passion & Explore.

Marika & Brandon

Marika & Brandon


Sync the season with your reason for romance! develop new ways to seduce your mate, captivate and blow their minds.

Corrine & Stewart

Corrine & Stewart


Women everywhere are seducing their mates! You should too. Share your exploits on Instagram. #SpringLOVE19.

This path leads to love


At TOAI, we inspire Love. We create short + sweet stories about Love. We celebrate great Love storytellers. We believe Love stories are like little droplets of exotic nectar.

Capture your sweetness and turn it into lifelong memories.

One Love.