romance is a quest to finding true Love.

On April 15, 2017, Two On An Island ran a pilot made up of 7 couples. For 7 weeks our couples participated in 7 unique Romantic Seductions. Our inaugural Journey proved their commitment to #stayinginlove. They became LOVE GURUS and join the pantheon of the best Lovers of all time.

Meet our first LOVE GURUS:

Gustavo & Mariani, Mark & Carolyn, Howard & Tish, Norman & Ana, Alex & Stefanie and Jack & Mary.

It is time, take your ‘Island’ now, play TOAI.



our roots

Ours is not the typical love story. Sometimes Love just happens.

It started as unexpected as any. A stubborn JAMAICAN – Mark (born under the sign of Virgo), who was at the time working in Orlando Florida, the home of theme parks, big box hotels and restaurants, meets a girl – Aldania (born under the sign of Pisces), over the internet. She was a student, then employee at Orlando’s finest media school. As faith should have it – they immediately connected. This was “back in the days” when friends frowned at friends for meeting people online.

Eventually Mark and Aldania fell deeply into Love. They got engaged and marriage quickly followed. Today they’re raising a family, still in beautiful Orlando Florida. Mark with his “crazy” ideas, started a company to help couples build forever relationships and to make romance blissful again.


Love is like an island. To stay, you must display intense passion. Do you have what it takes to master the fine Art of Romance?

Remember your Love is your Island.