Two On An Island is the new way to make romance fun. Every day we run Romance Challenges, steeped in what we call The Seven Human Experiences, these are life tracks that lead to fulfillment in Life and yes, Love.

  • SPONTANEITY - be delightful.
  • PASSION - deeper sensuality.
  • GIVING - treasures for life.
    • HOME - your nest.
    • FOOD - focus on taste.
    • WELLNESS - better mind & bodies.
    • EXPLORE - discover together.


    Two On An Island presents Romance -Sweet and Simple - our mission orbits around the preservation of Passion. Romance is a unique human trait that is complicated and amazing all at the same time. Come, join us let's play.


    Our players are called ISLANDERS. An Islander is someone who has found Love and is determined to grow it. Our belief is that Love is a fundamental of human existence. It permeates everything around us; including food, our home, places we visit and the gifts and experiences we give. It takes great romantic skills to play the Two On An Island game, accept a challenge, complete a seduction and you will be on your way to ISLAND WARRIOR level.


    Islander Voyagers explain


    The Two On An Island Mission is to cause the world to fall deeply in love with Love. we take couples from dating, to wedding and on to a lifetime of Romance & Love. We believe that if good Lovers could aspire to be great Lovers, imagine what great Lovers could become!
    — Romance Planner MARCUS

    FOUNDER'S story

    Ours is not the atypical love story. Sometimes Love just happens.

    It started as unexpected as any. A stubborn Jamaican immigrant – Mark (born under the sign of Virgo), who was at the time working in Orlando Florida, the home of theme parks, big box hotels and restaurants. Meets a girl – Aldania (born under the sign of Pisces), over the internet. She was a student, then employee at Orlando’s finest media school. As faith should have it – they immediately connected. This was “back in the days” when friends frowned at friends for meeting people online.

    Eventually Mark and Aldania fell deeply into Love. They got engaged and marriage quickly followed. Today they’re raising a family, still in beautiful Orlando Florida. Mark with his “crazy” ideas, started a company to help couples build forever relationships and to make romance cool!

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    With this product, we’ve created a home where intricate treasures are kept. These are adventures of intrigue and romance in a quest to live a life of constant passion.
    — Romance Planner ALDANIA


    First 52 Weekends: A Guide for Newly Weds; it's a quick-read 0.99 cents eManual featuring 52 intriguing & romantic ideas taken from loving couples. Available on Amazon. Get it for FREE! click the book.

    Started A PODCAST

    A good islander gathers her tools and hones the skills she needs to execute a successful romantic encounter. A top source of romance knowledge comes from Podcast Two On An Island; weekly dispatches from Romance Planner Marcus and his mate Aldania. Some say it's like listening to Dr. Laura, Delilah and Bob Marley all rolled into one! Their funny, "islandie", free spirited way, will turn you into a fan. Listen for the interviews, we ask our famous guests intimate questions about seductions. You need to listen.

    MUSIC ON SPOTify! 

    Fun island music to play at home or in your car.

    Islander Natives explained


    This is a true labor of love. Our founder Mark Harvey has been dreaming up some fast growing company around Romance for years.

    Aldania being totally in tuned with her husband, finally decided to join in the summer of 2016 and immediately added organization. Since then - our goal is to grow our team; surround ourselves with amazing people and improve the world one relationship at a time.

    This mission needs your talent, if you're compelled and you can see a way you can help us to improve this product, then connect with us. Let’s start a conversation click >> RTeam.

    Oh by the way, we dream of expanding our mission across the  world, if you think this is an investible idea then don't pass on it, talk to us go the the FUND page.