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EXPERT GURU - We are looking for experts to teach our players new tricks on Two On An Island. So say you're an interior designer, personal fitness trainer or you're an expressive chef, we've create a fun experience for our players and you invited to join our panel of Expert Gurus!

PARTNER PROGRAM - The Two On An Island Partner Program envisions working in the community with the businesses our members know and love, talk to us about revenue share.

SPONSORS & ADVERTISERS - HELLO, We are also looking for sponsors and advertisers too, so if you run a startup, leading a successful business or if you're Oprah! Please click SAY HELLO to contact the founders directly!


what’s Different

  • For starters, we challenge our players to a game of Romance!

  • Next, we manage the conversation by Reverse Following our players.

  • Lastly to "top it off", throughout the game players have a Romance Planner to guide them.

 Romance can be anything you make it, just fascinate your mate.

Romance can be anything you make it, just fascinate your mate.

TriviaHQ for Romance
— Jason Calacanis / Top Silicon Valley Angel

future Partners

Group activity with positive residual effects aptly describes Two On An Island. The vision is humanitarian, we are designing our startup to celebrate relationships and to help couples work through the rough patches of Love.

At Two On An Island our mission is to impact thousands, many millions of couples worldwide. You are invited to play your part, as an incentive we've organised a lovely incentive program for you and your partner to enjoy. So whether it's home renovations, cooking, fitness or learning. You might be the inspiration needed to keep couples together. 

Now, what's more delightful and fulfilling than that?

Two On An Island




We're the product people behind the Romance Game. Our role is akin to yoga instructors - for Romance! It's our job to guide our players through Two On An Island.



Islanders are highly passionate people. The tighter their connection with their favorite brands, the better able brands are at exceeding their expectations. 

So what do you do? impact are you making?