dear PRO...

We've made space for you here at Two On An Island too. Help by adding positives to lives in your community.

We are Two On An Island our skill is storytelling, the products we create are forever stories of Love, Passion and Romance. Your Brand belongs in those stories. Two On An Island was built entirely on social platforms.  You can use our stories to deliver your mission promise, truly engage your customers and to delight your community. Click SAY HELLO to contact the founders directly!


  • For starters, we challenge our players to a game of Romance!
  • Next, we manage the conversation by Reverse Following our players.
  • Lastly to "top it off", we record and narrate moments in life around your products.

FACT: the most romantic players are crowned Island Warriors.

Hunger Games for Romance
— Jason Calacanis / Top Silicon Valley Angel


Here is movement you can feel good about. You make cool products and your services are top notch, right? - well, you should invite Two On An Island players to use the things you make, as 'tools' to fascinate and seduce their partners.

Our players will ignite Romance while your brand auspiciously "shine" in the background. At the end of a month of challenges and seductions, we gather our players disparate snapshots of the events and craft them into real-life Love stories. Now, what's more sharable than that?

How It Works

We set the Romance agenda, our Players are curious to learn.

 7 Challenges


Our Players could learn so much from you!



We're the product people behind the Romance Game. Our role is akin to fitness trainers...for Romance! We capture a 360 Degree view of your clients when they're at their best - in Love. You'll get the media-rich and sharable content. Our Secret Sauce is: People + Your Products + Romance = Love.



Islanders are highly romantic and passionate people,  we built Two On An Island for Brands that gets it. The closer the relationship is with your clients, the better equipped brands will be, at exceeding their high expectations. It's about passions, sustainability, wellbeing and happiness.