We've made space for you here too. We know you have CRMs and sophisticated social listening tools to engage with your customers, but how are you doing on social impact? We are Two On An Island, our skill is storytelling, the products we create are forever stories of Love, Passion and Romance. Your Brand belong in that story. Two On An Island was built on a social platform, you can use our stories to deliver your mission promise, truly engage your customers and to fuse your community. Click SAY HELLO to know more.


  • For starters, we challenge our players to a game of Romance!
  • Next, we manage the conversation by Reverse Following our players.
  • Lastly to "top it off", we record and narrate moments in life around your products.

Hunger Games for Romance
— Jason Calacanis


Here is a sponsorship opportunity you can feel good about. You make cool products right? - well let us invite players to use 'your' products to seduce and fascinate their mates for seven days. Players will ignite Romance by making your products the focal point. At the end of the Challenge, we will transition their disparate snapshots into real Love stories, and what's more sharable than that?


WE ARE YOUR RTEAM at your service (imagine us taking an elaborate bow) our job is to listen and record Romantic activities as it happens. Our Players could be your customers, most people in Love will only need a little motivation to create magical, authentic moments of Romance. It is our pleasure to take you and your customers on an experience steeped in Mystery, Intrigue and Romance. You are about to plant your flag on the Island mon! Say hello below - to learn more. 

- So instead of "eliminating" each other, the winners simply are the most romantic players! -




"Carolyn (Marketing) you have a decision to make, but I would like to suggest starting on Challenge: FEED. Maybe you could have players focus on the item that is the number one selection on Zola's Wedding Registry - the over-the-top POWER BLENDER!"

 - Marcus (Romance Planner)



We're the product people behind the R. Game. Our role is akin to fitness trainers...for Romance! At the end of each Challenge, Sponsors will receive a comprehensive Case Study, accompanied by a collection of media-rich, sharable content. Best Players will receive memories and accolades.

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Islanders are highly romantic and opinionated people,  we built Two On An Island for Brands who understands this. Brands should care not just about the purchase, but about their users passions, wellbeing and happiness. Our Secret Sauce is: People + Your Products + Romance = Love.