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We've made space for you here at Two On An Island too. So say you're a product manager at a growing Startup or chief culture officer at a Fortune 1000 company, we've create a fun and relevant experience you can talk about.

Two On An Island Partner Program envisions teams of 7 players competing to win The ISLAND WARRIOR Pro level challenge. What's cool is players get to include their significant other in this game. 50% of the cost to play goes directly to an island Charity. The fee for 21 Days of Romance is $2999 per team.

The Two On An Island is a social game built entirely on a social platform. Our "algorithm" is our capacity to listen to our members. If you're HR, a civic leader or if you are Oprah, please click SAY HELLO to contact the founders directly!


 Romance can be anything you make it, just fascinate your mate.

Romance can be anything you make it, just fascinate your mate.


  1. For starters, we challenge our players to a game of Romance!
  2. Next, we manage the conversation by Reverse Following our players.
  3. Lastly to "top it off", throughout the game your team will have a Romance Planner to guide you.

FACT: Mark and Aldania started Two On An Island with a $2000 bonus Mark made as a Salesman.

TriviaHQ for Romance
— Jason Calacanis / Top Silicon Valley Angel


Group activity with positive residual effects aptly describes the Two On An Island Partner Program. The vision is completely humanitarian, A Charitable arm of Two On An Island called Love Last Chance. We are designing activities to take advantage of the skills your team already have. Through select island Charities we envision seeing companies like Blue Apron help farmers in Haiti grow the choicest vegetables. Or the Home Depot team demonstrate modern home construction to an inner-city in Jamaica. 

At Two On An Island we're "working on" ways to reach thousands, many millions of couples worldwide. Our hardest task is to find people like you. You might be just the inspiration and talent needed to keep other couples together. 

We invite you to commit your chosen team at work to playing the Two On An Island Partner Program. Just imagine how high job satisfaction will be when your team claims the ISLANDER WARRIORS Pro Level badges and complete an island mission at the same time. Our team will ignite Romance while you and your team victoriously  "shine" on stage!

Now, what's more delightful and fulfilling than that?

two on an island


Positive Peer Pressure



We're the product people behind the Romance Game. Our role is akin to yoga instructors - for Romance! It's our job to guide your team through Two On An Island.



Islanders are highly passionate people. The tighter their connection with their favorite brands, the better able brands are at exceeding their expectations. 


So what do you do? do you really do?