Two On An Island welcomes experts in the fine art of living, to teach our players new tricks. If you are an interior designer, personal fitness trainer or you are an expressive chef, we've create fun experiences for our players and we want you to teach them to be better at your skill.

So if you run a startup, leading a successful business or if you're Oprah! Please send us an urgent message.


The Two On An Island Partner Program envisions working in the community with the businesses our members know and love, talk to us about revenue share.



Group activity with positive residual effects aptly describes Two On An Island. We think about sponsorship in a completely revolutionary way. Our intensions are humanitarian, this is our Mission:

To cause the World to fall deeply in Love with Love again.

Hopefully this World view is shared by thousands, many millions globally. Organizations are invited to ‘play’ along too.


We’ll visit beautiful islands around the World, our couples will have the time to connect, but while we are there, we will be doing humanitarian services in the poorest communities. We’ll work on real projects like building schools and teaching women about selling products they make online. Let’s talk if these things move you.



what’s Different

  • For starters, we challenge our players to a game of Romance!

  • Throughout the game, players have Gurus to guide them.

  • Our sponsors are an integral part of our game, they play host.


I would literally do a flip! if my wife did this for me.


So what do you do? impact are you making?

thank you Ryan for listening.