TIP # 1

Make that decision, select what types and brands of wines you and your mate prefer. Imagine, this will stop the indecisions and label scanning on the supermarket wine aisles! This will also reduce the disappointment when you take the bottle home. Plus now you're on your way to understanding your mate's culinary preferences.


TIP # 2

Time to speak wine! this venerable beverage is as complex as the conditions it takes to grow the best selections. Only specific regions of the world, have the combination of soil, climate and knowledgable vintners suitable to grow the best grapes for wine. "Simon Says" get to know as much as you can about your favorite bottle of vino.


Rule #2 : During the Challenge be 100% dedicated to the happiness of your mate's pallet. It's only seven days, the reward we are hoping for will last a lifetime. Please accept the INVITATION.