TIP # 1

What if your mate anticipated how exhausted you would be after work and as a surprise,  gave you an incredible foot rub, and as you were thinking ahh how're led into the bathroom where flickering candles and flower petals adorn the room. What would you think if your mate then said "honey take as long as you like soaking in the bath", the kids, pets, dinner etc. was covered and you were given "off" tonight!!!


TIP # 2

Do you remember the. story of Jesus and the woman who washed his feet, what an memorable story; she used her tears as the water, "dried" his feet with her hair and then massage his feet with a jar of alabaster perfume. Incidentally the perfume might have been the expensive thing she owned! I remembered that story, I knew about Jesus from all the incredible things he did, but for the first time, we learn about this passionate, thoughtful woman and how she displayed gratitude and love.


TIP # 3

The TIME it will take to prepare the relaxing bath scene, plus learn how to give an exceptional foot massage, will be your gift to your mate and will count as a Challenge Complete. ( Now if you added pedicure/ nail polish you'd have taken this Challenge to another level). 



Use less words, use more action. I think someone is going to have a great evening. Accept the Two On An Island TIME Challenge.

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