TIP # 1

Create an Unforgettable Weekend. It will include: Removing the Weekend Chores, such as Cleaning and Laundry. Rescheduling all Sporting or Social Activities and having an agenda prepared that includes lazy weekend breakfast in bed, casual shopping, A hand holding walk together and bing TV watching.  


TIP # 2

To start, arrange to have someone else clean your home before the weekend arrives. Process all dirty laundry into clean clothing - do it while your partner is asleep if you have to. Do the grocery on the eve of the weekend, have all the ingredients for breakfast. Pay attention to your partner's "if I had the time" movie or TV series wishlist. Arrange to have it locked and loaded. Reschedule all other social activities. If you have kids, let them in on it.


TIP # 3

Your mindset should be ruled by the question: How can I make sure that after this weekend, my partner will never forget how amazing these couple of days were? The dramatics won't come from traveling, nor discovering a new restaurant, nor a surprise. In contrary... your partner needs to know this is coming and you must request that all plans outside of your plan be rescheduled. The anticipation will be stifling, even if you reveal the plan.



This weekend you will seduce with your mind and you will seduce with your intentions. Slowing down occasionally, will help you to catch up with each other. Play Two On An Island.

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