TIP # 1

Simply start Walking or Running with your mate once per week. The distance is completely up to you. whether you're holding hands or not, is also completely up to you.

In the picture above we did a fun 5K "brisk" Color Run. But then we stopped walking together afterwards. Now with this Challenge we will start and maintain a weekly walk together, if you can - go without kids. We encourage you to make this a sacred exercise routine. Maybe start walking and as your get better, start running.


TIP # 2

We found it helpful to clock your time, this way you can attempt to go faster every week. Changing the route is a great answer to boredom. Getting in a car to find a picturesque place, then get out and walk is also a nice option. Record the distance and the time, also make note of inclines and how challenging the path was.


Q & A

Question: How does Two On An Island determine if this Challenge was done in a honest and truthful way? 

Answer: This is Challenge: FITNESS, you and your mate are the only benefactors of staying in shape. 



Walking or Running, which is better?

Simon Says, Walk if you cannot run. Run if you're not getting the benefit of walking. Rule #5: Try to get better. If your body fat percentage and muscle mass is where you want it to be, then work on your endurance. We're encouraging you to maintain a FITNESS regime that will become a part of your life together forever. Play accept the invitation to PLAY.