challenge explore sunglasses

TIP # 1

Go Exploring, whether you live in a Big bustling City or in the Country, we at Two On An Island require you to take the month time to explore a prominent feature of your surroundings. It could be natural like a River, the Mountains or architectural like an Old Town. How about a "New to You" Beach or a Historic Building.

TIP # 2

Take pictures and capture short videos, "Simon Says" record the event. We've heard that some very astute players are recording these experiences in their people! These are the best of your life & times.

TIP # 3

Rule #3 : Only you can judge you. Start by establishing a base level performance. From there, the mission is to get better. Become an Island Warriors - seduce and fascinate your mate now.


I think someone is going exploring mon! accept The Two On An Island INVITATION to play.