TIP # 1

Build something meaningful together. We are certainly not crazy to ask you to "lure" your mate into completing a HOME "To Do" project. Our rational is, let's invoke your inner Chip & Joanna Gaines, take on the master bedroom or the den. 

TIP # 2

"Simon Says" HOME includes outside of your home; your garden is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or two. Everyone knows, going to Lowes together is one of the most sacred trips couples take. 

TIP # 3

Take pictures and capture short videos, "Simon Says" record theses events. We said earlier that we've heard of a few very astute players, recording their experiences in leather bound personal people! These are the best of your life & times.


Rule #1 : Plan, Play and Post. Some Challenges take only moments while some take weeks. This game is for people serious about winning at Romance, it's not the thoughts that counts, it's the action! Become an Island Warriors - seduce and fascinate your mate now. Accept the INVITATION to play.