JULY, '18

 22 - 28

Use this special week to demo your brand of romance, confidently seduce your mate..

how it work

See some examples...

I’ve always felt I had the power to seduce my man anytime, anywhere and anyhow.
— Aldania/ I'm just loving my man.

good directions


If your goal is to win the Love Guru prize bounty, Our advice; limit yourself to only two of seven Challenges. Divide them - you vs your sweetie. Then let the most charming wins.
— Marcus / I believe libido is what you think & do.
Eventbrite - Instagram's Couples Romance Challenge


During Challenge week, we focus on one Challenge daily. Players have 24 hours to post a LoveStory on Instagram. We like Instagram Stories because it's ephemeral in nature. Here today gone tomorrow. Remember, take advantage of Instagram's "Save Your Story" feature - it allows you to keep the good memories. Progress through the game from Islanders to Love Gurus.


Give Love, Get Love.

  TOAI Players are Islanders

TOAI Players are Islanders

  Warriors complete a Challenge.

Warriors complete a Challenge.

  Love Gurus impact other couples.

Love Gurus impact other couples.


 On Instagram, we only "reverse follow" Two On An Island players, so be sure to use the Daily Challenge Hashtags. 

#HomeSeduction, #FoodSeduction, #SpontaneousSeduction, #WellnessSeduction, #GivingSeduction, #PassionSeduction and #ExploreSeduction.

Remember Your Love ❤ is Your Island 🏝, Our goal at Two On An Island is to remind you to take care of your "island" by consistently fascinating and seducing each other, capturing the story and sharing that story.

Eventbrite - Instagram's Couples Romance Challenge


Need help getting started? our team is standing by. Tell us about you, select your life stage below.

We are Romance Planners, and this is Two On An Island. Think of us as gardeners at the nursery ... we’re growing good, strong, stout Love.
— MARCUS | Loves tasty island cooking!

~Your Love deserves this~